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“Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.”

- Dalai Lama

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Experience the World’s Best All-Inclusive Ocean Cruise Lines with B Smart Travel.  We work with all the major cruise lines to find your perfect ship and destination.

Cruise Ship


If you like to spend your vacation days exploring places you’ve never been before — while enjoying all the benefits of a luxury hotel — a river cruise is the way to go.

Expedition cruises

From Antarctica to Alaska, and from the Galapagos to Tahiti, explore the remotest regions of the world on expedition ships that sail to all seven continents. 


Cruises are
a personal choice

When it comes to cruising, you can’t go wrong. There are so many options available and we can tailor your experience to your preferences. 

If you’re the type of person who prefers to vacation at a large resort that has everything you want and you don’t have to leave, you’ll probably prefer an ocean cruise.  But if you’re someone who likes to spend your vacation exploring new places while also enjoying the benefits of a luxury hotel then a river or expedition cruise is the way to go.

Let B Smart Travel find the perfect Cruise Vacation for you! 

Cruise Ship pool

Size & Number of Passengers

River cruise longboats are smaller than ocean cruise ship. The difference in ship size means that there will be fewer passengers on river cruises, which generally accommodate around 200 passengers, while ocean cruises often carry thousands.
As a result of the size difference, ocean cruises are able to house on-deck pools and other activities like rock walls and water slides. River cruises, on the other hand, are generally smaller so have less on board amenities.

River cruise ship


In terms of demographics, river cruisers tend to be slightly older than ocean cruisers. And river cruises tend to be more of a cultural experience than ocean cruises.
Though kids are allowed on most river cruises, there is less for them to do, so there are generally fewer children on board.
Ocean cruises offer experiences for all ages and for larger number of passengers. This also means that the demographics vary greatly on each cruise ship. Let us help research to find the perfect cruise.

Cruise Theatre

Entertainment & Spas

On ocean cruises, you’ll often find a variety of shows and performances, from comedy, to song and dance performances, to magic shows. You’ll also likely have a casino and a variety of bars and lounges on board.
On a river cruise, the entertainment is much more low key. Local musicians will often come aboard while the ship is at port or the cruise might host a cultural program meant to enrich your travel experience.
Though the live entertainment is quite different, both ocean and river cruises generally have spas on board no matter which option you choose.


Port Experience

On an ocean cruise you will generally spend one or two days at sea in between ports. When you do dock at a port on an ocean cruise, a wide variety of excursions will be available which vary depending on where you’re cruising.
On river cruises, you’ll often visit a larger number ports, traveling to a new destination each night. This means you’ll spend more time on land than on the boat itself. When at port, river cruises tend to offer cultural experiences and walking tours, or you can choose to explore the city you’re visiting on your own.

penguin cruise


An expedition cruise is unlike any other form of cruising — they are thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. You travel to the most remote regions of the planet and get to see them intimately. Expedition cruises are for the curious traveller who longs to see a blue booby in the wild or what lies behind the next mountain ridge.
And it’s not just about wildlife. It’s about immersing yourself in the culture, landscape and habitat of a region with the help of experts who can enlighten all you see.

cruise dining


On both river and ocean cruises, you can expect great food. Ocean cruises offer a variety of cuisine options and dining experiences from fine dining to buffet and snack bars. River cruises typically only have one or two dining rooms aboard and offer cuisine that is local to your destinations.
Often river cruise chefs will pick up fresh ingredients at local markets at ports so they can offer unique local cuisine fare.

Life's a Beach

ALL inclusive

Couples and Adults-only

Adults-only resorts do not allow children of course.  And they all have different atmospheres.  Some are more active and lively, while others are more tranquil and romantic. 

Either way, they offer an upscale sophisticated vacation experience.  

Couple beach

Family Friendly resorts

Enjoy all-inclusive family-friendly resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.  Many resorts have Kids Stay, Play & Eat free rates and some can even accommodate families of five or more. 

B Smart Travel can ind the perfect vacation destination for you.  

All inclusive

solo and single Travelers

Solo and single travelling doesn’t have to mean travelling alone. Join other like-minded travellers to single friendlier resorts. 

We help single travellers find the best resorts to meet your needs, many with low to no single supplement

Caribbean and Mexico

ALL-INClusive Sun vacations

When it comes to all-inclusive vacations, your options are endless. Soak up Cuba’s rich culture in its capital Havana, enjoy panoramic views from the top of a mountain in Dominican Republic’s Puerto Plata, explore the underwater world in top diving destinations such as Bonaire, or gaze Saint Lucia’s majestic Pitons from your resort’s rooftop bar.

No matter the destination, you’ll be sure to make the most out of your vacation with B Smart Travel.  We work with most major US and Canada all-inclusive resort suppliers.  We source resorts that offer the best value, most options and amenities, and unique resort experiences for our clients. 

Let the experts at B Smart Travel find the the best all-inclusive resorts for your needs and wants. 



From high mountain peaks to shimmering reefs, spicy salsa rhythms to deep rolling reggae, pirate hideouts to sugar-sand beaches, the Caribbean is dizzyingly diverse.
We will find you the perfect all-inclusive resort or villa from budget to 5-Star plus to meet your wants and desires.

Mexico beach


Palm-fringed beaches, chili-spiced cuisine, steamy jungles, teeming cities, fiesta fireworks. Mexico conjures up diverse, vivid dreams. And the reality lives up to them.
Enjoy the best selection of unforgettable all-inclusive vacation resorts in Mexico, the most popular all-inclusive destination.

Costa Rica

central & South America

Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife: the wonders of South and Central America set the stage for incredible adventures.
Central and South America offer unique and exciting all-inclusive destinations.

Don't stop believing

Europe And BEyond

Family Groups

Choose tour own European Adventure: discover secret beaches in Greece, explore ancient castles in Ireland or hunt down the best wine in France.

Europe has something for everyone and B Smart Travel is here to help you. 

tower bridge

Group Tours

We can customize tours to France, Italy, England and all across Europe.  We also work with most most major European group tour providers for a guided group tour experience. 

Group travel is a safer way to see our world!


solo & Single

Realizing that you have what it takes to be your own guide is a thrill known only to solo travelers. You can travel at your own pace, do the things that interest you, eat where and when you like, and splurge where you want to splurge.

And Europe is the ultimate solo traveller’s destination!

We are Europe, Asia, and Africa Specialists

Europe & Beyond

We Love everything Europe

There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its natural beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity.  Whether you are planning to travel with a tour group or explore on your own, every European city features iconic attractions, vibrant cultures and traditions.

The B Smart Travel team are Europe experts that will help plan every detail of your next European Vacation. 


The United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are fine destinations in their own right, and travels between these countries reveal both the shared culture and distinct local flavours of the UK.



Chock full of feasts, treats and temptations, experience Germany's soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.



A small island offering memorable experiences, Ireland's breathtaking landscapes and friendly, welcoming people leave visitors floored but looking for more.



France seduces travellers with its familiar culture, woven around cafe terraces, village-square markets and lace-curtained bistros with their plat du jour (dish of the day) chalked on the board.



Home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy mesmerizes, inspires and wows like no other. You'll want to keep coming back.



Picturesque cities such as Kraków and Gdańsk vie with energetic Warsaw for your urban attention. Elsewhere, woods, rivers, lakes and hills beckon for some fresh-air fun.

tiananmen square


From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality.


South AFrica

Elephants framed against Kalahari dunes; powdery beaches and penguins; star-studded desert skies; jagged, lush mountains – this truly is a country of astounding diversity.

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